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BY ​B​ILBOB, ​April 2, 2018 11:00 AM

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​Standalone Funnel Creator and Lead Generation




​This system provides prebuilt sales funnels that convert. Everything is cloud based so no hosting, experience or programming knowledge is needed.


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​Let's face reality. Most beginners fail at selling products online because they are downright lazy. Many, like me when I first started out, see thousands of products promising "quick and easy profits" only to realize the method takes a level of skills we do not have. If you are like me, you looked for and purchased many shortcuts that just did not deliver what they promised.

​Affiliate Funnel Clones is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It is NOT some autopilot promising method that promises big returns for little or no work. AFC is simply a simple way to get into MAKING MONEY ONLINE AND LEARN AT THE SAME TIME.

​AFC gives newbies pre-built funnels that convert, a place to host them, a simple interface with just 3 steps, and access to traffic and leads. This means you have one place to go to create your first sales funnels. ​If you are totally new, you just use your ​own affiliate link in proven sales funnels.

​The biggest hurdle to any new marketer is traffic. If your sales page does not get visitors then you won't make sales. If you don't collect your customers email addresses you will never build a list of potential customers. AFC offers no nonsense ways to get traffic and generate leads while you learn and make money.

Will you get rich overnight? NO. Will you just plug in your codes and see massive sales on autopilot? NO.

​We tested this with a totally new account, a brand new facebook account, and no leads whatsoever. In 30 days using the methods AFC recommends, we generated just a little over $80 dollars in commissions and built a list of 30 leads. We spent about 1​5 hours of total work on the system. Now you may say that is not a lot of money and you are right. But it does show you can make a profit in your first month. It is not the sales we made but the leads we generate that will help build greater profits online in the future.

​Bilbobs World gives ​AFFILIATE FUNNEL CLONES 4.5 out of 5 stars as the product does exactly what is says. It is very simple to use. The only deduction was for the traffic promises as we felt they were a little over hyped. This is a very good product for a beginner to start making money online.

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